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Waikirikau.... Our Story

We are a small whaanau owned business.

Waikirikau started in my kitchen as a result of being diagnosed with a combination of post natal depression and grief after the birth of my 4th child and loosing my mother shortly after.

My Chinese GP of 22 years, refused to prescribe me antidepressants and told me to go back to my  people and use our traditional Maaori practices to heal.

I sat in my car crying for the next half an hour, came home and the seed of Waikirikau was planted.

Each bottle of Waikirikau was created with a purpose and is a natural preservative free liquid, of nothing but healing plants, herbs, native leaves, fresh fruits and spices tonic, preserved in a Fermented tea.

Acknowledging each part of each plant and fruit, with respect, we utilise each part through different processes, skins, leaf, barks, flowers and all, bringing you Waikirikau


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